University of Newcastle
  Fine Art Degree Show 2001

The Red Cushion

Sitting in the toilet of a back to basics club in the city. I looked down at the red velvet cushion I was holding, the complex and intricate patterns of gold thread weaving organic designs across the red velvet. As my heart raced and the heavy thud from the bass reverberated in my head, the pattern on the cushion began to move. Gold thread drew lazy trails across the velvet. I held onto the walls and tried to re-focus my mind to clear my head. "I have got to stop doing pills", I said to myself. This had become my mantra recently as I had started to notice the rather less intentional effects of pills. Looking down at my hands I checked to see if the pattern had stopped moving and could see only my own, clasped and shaking, hands. There had never been a cushion. "I have got to stop doing pills".

Alastair Good

Fine Art Department
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Supported by the Ebb and Flow Fine Art Consultancy

White Pool

Digital Print

0.5m x 0.75cm (each)