David Young

I have been exploring a broader interest in people through the abstraction and manipulation of concentrated elements of the human form.

Blurring the lines between my illustrative nature, meticulously rendered detail, collage and a raw painterly fashion, I aim to create a pixilated dreamscape of art, design and illustration in harmony. Combining a wide range of mediums – graphite, fine pen, screen-printing, digital print, spray paint, acrylic, and 3D elements – I enjoy juxtaposing bold imagery and delicate detail, creating a cross-section of sentiment, an emotional vortex within my work.

A certain spontaneity within the development of my pieces allows for this notion to develop as a subconscious blueprint of my thoughts and emotions at the time of creation. I like to leave the door open to the viewer to engage with the playful skewering and chopping of perspective, psychedelic explosions of pixels and 3D objects, and the sinister, weirder elements of my work. This gives the viewer scope to ascertain their own strong unfastened emotive grasp of its inner subconscious workings in order to cement their conscious psychoanalysis of the people and forms within my work.


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