Emily Thornton

Previously concerned with landscape, my work has progressed to an exploration of the sensation of painting and is primarily engaged with form, colour and composition.  Through the paintings I hope to tempt the viewer to seek a referent, in order to satisfy the urge to assign specific meaning. Recent practice has included radical approaches and strategies; intensity, irrationality and the violence of letting go take precedence over theory. This has largely been achieved through time restraints, subjecting the body and mind to 24hour painting stints and setting challenges to cover numbers of canvases within different time frames. The painting process is always in flux.

Through the use of coloured grounds, the first self -conscious act of mark making is removed. I aim to create tension between marks made with paint, and those made by the process of scraping away, exploring the constant push and pull between the addition and removal of paint. Each work seeks to present an exploration of the vacillation between abstraction and representation.

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