Rebecca Stones

Review of Gilbert and George 1969 - present day

Gilbert and George met as students and soon adopted the identity of ‘living sculptures’ and started becoming not only creators, but also the art itself. From the beginning of their career they wanted to communicate beyond the narrow confines of the art world, adopting the slogan ‘Art for All’.  They established their reputation in 1969 with their performance The Singing Sculpture.  Recognising that they could only reach a small audience they began to create films and pictures that could extend the idea of living sculpture without requiring their physical presence.

Gilbert and George place themselves, their thoughts and their feelings at the centre of their art often with shocking and controversial results.  The article aims to address how their art captures a range of human experiences, encompassing an astonishing range of emotions and themes, including examinations of humanity stripped bare; from sex advertisements to religious fundamentalism.  The article will also visually analyse selected pieces from the Gilbert &George: Major Exhibition held at Tate Modern earlier this year and will give an overview of their 40 year long career. 


Gilbert and George
The Nature of Looking
348 x 236 cm

Charcoal on paper.



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