Clemency Keeler

Existence thrives on change – a continuous cycle of transient states and fleeting emotions swiftly consigned to the past as we struggle with the present and strive for the future.

I am seduced by urban decay; abandoned ruins, crumbling facades and vestiges of architectural history. The imminent destruction and loss of these vulnerable and often beautiful reminders of a bygone era strongly resonate with me.  I am compelled to capture their essence, to recreate and preserve their memory.

Captivated by Newcastle’s current state of architectural regeneration, my work wrestles with the transience of the urban landscape; a melancholy longing to preserve its traces of history and a cautious optimism for future development. Through a series of considered printmaking processes and techniques, my work traces the journey of Newcastle’s Forth Banks building site from demolition to regeneration, gradually evolving as a metaphor for a parallel personal emotional struggle with change.

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