Clare Willan

‘Space exists on both sides of the wall’


I think of my installations as a fragmentary process: illustrations, objects, drawings, and photographs. They are managed sites in which the body of work is used to question our making of the world through language and knowledge, specifically looking at public and private spaces. Worn architecture is the foundation for my work, adhering to the notion that ‘architecture is [the] thoughtful making of spaces. The continual renewal of architecture comes from changing concepts of space’ (Lewis Khan, 1957).


The arrangements of these objects are aimed at inviting the viewer to move into a space of evaluation and speculation. They exist in order to question the absolute and the infinite; our perspectives change yet the walls stay the same.


I use photographs and drawing in order to see the subjects in isolation where they can be manipulated digitally, placing a further level of intervention between reality and its ultimate representation on paper. By removing traditional narrative as a mediator, I can capture the compression of space and thought through abstraction and metaphor.




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