Justin D. Lawson

For the last two years my work has grown from the contents of my family archive. Photographs, negatives, vinyls, my Mother’s drawings and recorded conversations are collected, organised and recorded, becoming digital forms.
I pick through the various contents and seek to make new works from them; a photograph is picked apart, a drawing is made from a segment, another segment is collaged. These techniques are repeated in various ways as source materials are reinterpreted in different mediums. The work is free to become whatever it can; video, installation, sculpture and painting coalesce into a display of the different sources from which it is comprised.
Conversations between myself and my Mother form the main catalyst in the work’s production, whilst self-referential titling, drawn from these conversations, emphasises the link between art and life. Identifying the way in which source material becomes reinterpreted into art is the underlying concern in my practice, touching upon language, humour, the self-referential, memory, the questioning of traditional art forms and meanings, the real and fictional and the purpose and meaning within archives.

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