Mike Scown

Individual thought and action is dictated by the customs of society, full of illusions buried so deep within the psyche that they go unnoticed in ordinary life. Fallible perceptions of the senses and time, and the notion of a consistent personality underlying the individual, unconditioned by the pressures of circumstance, are some of the clearest examples of this.

My work is an exploration of the entrapment within both the societal climate into which we are adopted and the fragile and transient physical organism to which our consciousness is seemingly enchained, which requires regular and thorough maintenance to remain acceptable to the high standards of current society. Without a regular supply of food, water, and basic sanitary products we cannot survive in the manner to which we have become accustomed. We now have little choice but to rely upon an unsustainable globalized infrastructure in order to fulfil these basic requirements. Through the collective ambition of mankind, we have attained a mode of living not far removed from the traditional conception of God, yet daily activities seem increasingly hollow.

Technology is just beginning to unravel the mysteries of the universe that faith and mythology once accounted for. To free oneself from the trivialities of human life and death the notion of the self as an isolated and fleeting flash in the pan must be overcome. Mankind will raze the Earth in the absurd quest for immortality.

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