Nancy Small

A simple boundary defines and separates light and shadow, this dividing line can be found in the most subtle and simplest of places and it is from this that my work begins. The process starts with the recording of faint variations of light and the shadows that exist in between them. It is the random shapes of the boundary lines created that are of importance. I then combine and manipulate the lines to create a new series of marks. Through the layering and repetition of these new lines, a negative space is created which defined by the lines of previous shadows.
Ultimately my work is concerned with the capturing of light. Light and the shadows it casts create momentary ephemeral shapes that are uncontainable and unfixed. Through my work they are made solid and permanent. Light and shadow are transformed into frozen reminders of a once fragile fleeting moment, from these solid forms a new shadow and physical relationship with light can be developed.

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