Iolanda Rocha





Self-building strategies and Craftsmanship are the ideas at the core of much of my work; the presence of the ‘hand that builds’, the informal constructions without conventional/immediate resources and the endless possibilities beyond the apparent obvious function of objects. The ingenuity and craftsmanship to self-build in order to fill ones needs holds creativity as a form of problem solving and survival instinct, as opposed to formal constructions which are impersonal and based on rationality. My work often evinces such contrasts in order to emphasize points of contradiction and tension while increasingly becoming more responsive to space.

I’ve been focusing in the expression of this contrast through reference to architecture, both the planned and the informal. I am interested in exploring how the materialization of its dissonant relations in urban landscape provide an explicit form of contemporary reality’ processes and contradictions. My work includes painting, drawing, sculpture and installations using found/everyday objects and discarded materials.