Joshua Ipoot





I have always taken a keen interest in the dynamics of community life and the signs of social injustice I see there. I find such events intriguing, inspiring and challenging as sources of inspirations for my subject matter. I document these happenings through narrative oil paintings on canvas which incorporate easily recognisable symbols generated and associated with my African roots.

I consider myself a surrealist painter working in a social context-creating art for social change. I document happenings in the community not to prescribe a solution but rather to comment on it in order to provoke thoughts and equally to highlight, educate, inform sensitize and thus to create awareness.

My paintings are about challenges in relationships and marriages due to wealth, with specific references to traditional African bride practices. Although I try to incorporate symbols of love and wealth based on western culture, I predominantly create an atmosphere that evokes states of helplessness, despair ,hopelessness and hardship using personal, domestic, traditional/cultural, and familiar African symbols set against harsh-dry, dusty and barren landscapes associated with pastoralists’ lifestyles in North Eastern Uganda.