Alex Hanson-Deakin

With a concern for the forgotten, the overlooked and the way in which the past can be easily ‘papered over’, I am drawn to the process by which layers of narrative embedded within a building are built up, renewed and removed.  My work exploits the beauty of traces, imperfections and remnants, using seductive materials to reflect upon decay, neglect and death.  The juxtaposition of the unpredictability of rust with the logic of pattern functions as a visual metaphor for the passing of time, domestic ties and continual cycle. Concentrating on the ephemeral nature of decoration, the work plays with the idea of being held in constant flux. Ideas of temporality, continuous change and the ephemeral are held in tension with preservation, freezing moments in time.  My work seeks to re-create an impression and sense of a space, a glimpse of its life and history.

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