Joseph Burrows

Aiming to remove contemporary warfare from the dramatic big screens of cinema and the impersonal figures of news bulletins, my sculptures tempt the viewer to appreciate the familiarity of conflict at a personal level.


In many respects our exposure to war comes from a highly edited process, distancing us further from an understanding of contemporary warfare. Through the use of both the personal and the expressive I intend, if not to bridge this distance, then to at least develop an understanding of it.


In general, my work concerns itself with the complex relationship between war, experience, and varying forms of media. I work with everyday materials, often stripped back to their primary elements; a reversal of how contemporary conflicts are viewed. As a result, the notion of the ‘unmonumental’ has come to the fore within my work. The barrier between the public and war, both physically and psychologically, undoubtedly forms the foundations of my work.

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