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julian davies
julian davies - 'outcrop inferno'
"outcrop inferno"


Just another landscape artist?

Hopefully not. I look at landscape in a different way, trying to approach it with a fresh pair of eyes. Not just as a representation of what is Žout thereŪ, but by bringing together elements from both the real and the remembered. I can place my own personal stamp on the work.

Having grown up in Aberdeen shire, I feel a strong affinity with the area. Instead of merely presenting images of a particular area, I want to add my own personal experiences and feelings that I have for the place; to give the image a timeless quality, as if placing a cross-section of the landscape in a vacuum. My love of maps was also a strong element that I wanted to introduce, so as to give the work a different twist on the traditional perspective.

The physicality of producing woodcuts also plays a big part in affecting the way work is executed. I particularly like the rugged approach that is needed in making my work, which relates to the ruggedness of the area from where the imagery comes, and how it contradicts the end result which can often look anything but rugged.

In this way I am making representations of parts of my imagination that are based in the real, the results of which I like to describe as Ždecorating spaceŪ.


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