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ŽArchitecture is judged by the eyes that see, by the head that turns, and the legs that walkŪ (Le Corbusier).

I am interested in architectural space and in making work for that space. Evolving from work that projected from the wall into the room. I became concerned with its relationship with the surrounding space. Three avenues of thought inform the work

School of Minimalism


Architectural Intervention Drawing in Space


School of Minimalism

A reductive school of thought which states less is more, produces simplicity, purity and the essential form.


Architectural Intervention

Site specific, existing in order to manipulate the viewer's awareness of existing boundaries; the walls, the ceiling, the floor.


Drawing in Space

While they appear to be sculptural objects, they are essentially drawings in space.

ŽAt the right place, once it has been found, a kind of partnership forms between the work of art and spaceŪ

(Donald Judd)


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