Review of PLAY exhibition by BEARSPACE Gallery at the Cello Factory, Cornwall Road, Waterloo, London

Plus+ Interview with Jock Mooney

1st – 4th November 2007 – open to the public, 12.30-5pm
5th – 16th November 2007 – by appointment only

Hidden away, set back from the road and on a street where the numbers don’t follow numerically makes this exhibition quite hard to find initially. Nestled just off London’s south bank amidst the arts and cultural giants such as TATE, Hayward Gallery, BFI &etc…  This latest offering from BEARSPACE gallery, found in their temporary one show only location at the Cello Factory in Waterloo is well worth hunting for. Why venture to visit the low key event of BEARSPACE against the latest sensations elsewhere? Quite simply, in the next ten years it will be these artists the crowds will be queuing to view at big name venues elsewhere. Occupying this show are fresh, young, exciting artists (as well as some more established) and undoubtedly there is something splendid about discovering such a special gem like this that is personally satisfying.

Just the Review Review & Interview Interview with Jock Mooney


Toshie Takeuchi
‘'Endless Pumpkin Machine
120cmx260cm (2007)


Peter-Ashley Jackson

Newcastle University

Fine Art Fourth Year Art History 2007

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